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Notes - Charles Miles 2/7/2020, Updated by Charles Miles 2/26/2021

Grand Canyon National Park Backcountry Planning links:

Single PDF File with NPS Trail PDFs, Use Zone Map and Backcountry Usage Information

Compiled in October of 2019 to create single no-internet-needed resource for quick Grand Canyon planning that I could easily share and put on my computer/phone/tablet... This resource will not stay up to date - but should be very useful offline/compiled info for a number of years. The links below should stay more up-to-date.

Official Grand Canyon National Park Backcountry Permit Page

All the details straight from the NPS including the dates when you can submit permits. I find this page, with its plethora of processes/forms/rules, appropriately discouraging about the availability of permits... However it is worth noting that - especially for lightly used areas (see the usage information below) and with some flexibility - it is possible to walk up to the Backcountry Office Window and get a permit for the next day but, of course, it is also possible that nothing works out!

Map (PDF) of the Backcountry Use Areas/Codes

Needed for backcountry permits and not found on all trail maps.

Reference table of Backcountry Use Areas

I am not sure if this table is/stays completely current but it offers more information than the list on the official Backcountry Page.

Usage statistics - 2020 , 2019, 2018, 2017

A useful visualization of popular and less used areas - the information is not up-to-date but is still useful. This information is from the documents included with the proposed Backcountry Management Plan on the NPS Planning, Environment and Public Comment site

Posts Before/After:
A color coded map of Arizona State Trust Land showing the showing the approximate area of land sold for the Bagdad Mine expansion which is roughly the size of Prescott.
Bagdad Mine Expansion - 16,670.569 acres of Arizona State Trust Land Sold - January 2020
A white hillside slants in from the left with the very faint trace of the Silver Bell Route running across it.
Waldron, Dripping Spring, Silver Bell, Rim Roads Loop, Grand Canyon - 10/25/2019
Notes - Charles Miles 1/30/2020, Updated by Charles Miles 2/26/2021 - Links for information related to John Harvey Butchart and the Grand Canyon - hiking logs, maps, photos, biographical information...
Pima County Multi-Species Conservation Plan - 2019 Annual Report Cover Page
Pima County Multi-Species Conservation Plan - 2019 Annual Report
2021 May Ironwood Flowers in the Sun
Blooming Ironwoods - 5/5/2021
2021 April Diana Temple from Mescalero Point in the Sunset
American Gods, Mimbreno Point and Mescalero Point - 4/23/2021-4/24/2021