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Desert Fall Color, Southern Arizona - 12/10/2023

Created and Updated by Charles Miles on 12/10/2023.

2023 November Fall Color in Colossal Cave Mountain Park
Fall Color in Colossal Cave Mountain Park. Charles Miles. 11/28/2023.
2023 December Scattered Leaves
Scattered Leaves. Charles Miles. 12/4/2023.
2023 December Top of a Young Cottonwood Tree in the Sun
Top of a Young Cottonwood Tree in the Sun. Charles Miles. 12/4/2023.

The past weeks have been spent chasing the fall color thru the lower elevation washes, canyons and rivers of Southern Arizona. It came late - we saw more greens and browns than we did yellows and oranges - but the brief/scattered nature of fall color in the desert is balanced by an impressive intensity. After a long summer filling ourselves with the colors of fall was a joy, a recharge to take us thru the whites and grays of winter...

2023 December Cattail
Cattail. Charles Miles. 12/4/2023.
2023 November Mushrooms near Cienega Creek
Mushrooms near Cienega Creek. Charles Miles. 11/26/2023.
2023 November Saguaro Skeleton 03
Saguaro Skeleton 03. Charles Miles. 11/6/2023.
2023 November Terrible Color
Tamarisk - Saltcedar - an aggressive invasive species adding beautiful color to the river. Charles Miles. 11/12/2023.
2023 November Fall Sumac
Little Leaf Sumac I believe, several berries - past their prime - are in the left of the photograph. Charles Miles. 11/12/2023.
2023 November Sunset
Sunset. Charles Miles. 11/21/2023.
2023 November Fall Color 04
Fall Color 04. Charles Miles. 11/12/2023.
2023 December Posta Quemada Canyon
Seems late this year... Charles Miles. 12/3/2023.

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