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May Snow Storm on the Grand Canyon Rim - 5/5/2024

Created by Charles Miles on 5/14/2024. Updated on 5/15/2024.

2024 May Pinecone
Pinecone. Charles Miles. 5/5/2024.

For several days the forecast for the Grand Canyon Rim had included snow. The % chance increased thru the day, the weather was certainly overcast and windy, but regardless I found it hard to believe that there would be a May snow storm...

2024 05 May Snow Storm under the Aspens on the Grand Canyon Rim.
2024 May Stormy View
Stormy View. Charles Miles. 5/5/2024.

I setup my recorder and microphones in a small drainage under Aspens with fresh green leaves. After a little hiking and a few photos I was surprised by the smell, rain - or maybe snow? By the time I reached the rim clouds had covered the canyon to the west, sleet fell first, then snow.

2024 May Storm Rolling Across the Canyon
Storm Rolling Across the Canyon. Charles Miles. 5/5/2024.

I kept taking photos until the canyon was nothing but clouds. I expected the snow to stop quickly, the excitement to end, it just kept falling. By the time I had hiked back to the small canyon it was blanketed by snow. Not expecting a storm I setup my microphones exposed to the sky and thanked my Windjammers for intercepting the wet snow.

2024 May May Whiteout 01
May Whiteout 01. Charles Miles. 5/5/2024.
2024 May Microphones in a Snow Storm
2024 May Microphones in a Snow Storm. 5/5/2024.
2024 May May Canyon Snow
May Canyon Snow. Charles Miles. 5/5/2024.
2024 May Dark Trees
Dark Trees. Charles Miles. 5/5/2024.
2024 May Grand Canyon Rim Forest during a May Snow Storm
Grand Canyon Rim Forest during a May Snow Storm. Charles Miles. 5/5/2024.

Back at the road it was still snowing - my truck had an impressive build up of snow. The swirling storm and the blanket of white made for a slow drive back to camp.

2024 May Truck Covered With Snow
2024 May Truck Covered With Snow. 5/5/2024.

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