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Winter Canyon - 3/3/2024

Created by Charles Miles on 3/3/2024.

2023 December Falls
Falls. Charles Miles. 12/12/2023.
2023 December Dry
Still some green, but no hint of surface water. Charles Miles. 12/12/2023.
2024 February Pool and Cloudy Skies
Pool and Cloudy Skies. Charles Miles. 2/5/2024.
2024 February Falls
Falls. Charles Miles. 2/5/2024.

Hidden water in the dry summer and water falls in a wet winter, thousand year old pottery and grinding holes, owls flying away in silence, javelina grunting, insects buzzing around the first mistletoe blooms. I know the other travelers only by their footprints - this canyon isn't in any way a hidden secret, just one of an infinite number of nameless unremarkable curved lines on the map.

These smaller places are really where my heart is - different every day, every season, every year - endlessly changing, more interesting every visit...

2024 January Eye
Eye. Charles Miles. 1/30/2024.
2023 November Owl 03
Owl 03. Charles Miles. 12/11/2023.
2024 January Watery Sky
Watery Sky. Charles Miles. 1/30/2024.
2023 December Time Lines
Time Lines. Charles Miles. 12/12/2023.
2023 December Many Suns
Many Suns. Charles Miles. 12/25/2023.
2023 December Rock
Rock. Charles Miles. 12/12/2023.
2023 December Cliff Reflection
Cliff Reflection. Charles Miles. 12/25/2023.
2024 February Hint of Rainbow
Hint of Rainbow. Charles Miles. 2/5/2024.
2024 February Flow
Flow. Charles Miles. 2/11/2024.
2024 February Spill
Spill. Charles Miles. 2/5/2024.
2024 February Snow Surrounding a Stone Canyon
Snow Surrounding a Stone Canyon. Charles Miles. 2/11/2024.

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