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Created by Charles Miles on 2/10/2020. Updated on 6/2/2021.

2019 October At the Grand Canyon National Park Boundary
At the Grand Canyon National Park Boundary. Charles Miles. 10/22/2019.

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A rough dirt road cuts a man made straight line thru a green forest all the way to the top of a distant hill.
The straight line of the Boundary Road. Charles Miles. 10/25/2019.

Posts Before/After:
Notes - Charles Miles 2/7/2020, Updated by Charles Miles 2/26/2021 - Core links for planning Backcountry Overnight adventures in the Grand Canyon.
A color coded map of Arizona State Trust Land showing the showing the approximate area of land sold for the Bagdad Mine expansion which is roughly the size of Prescott.
Bagdad Mine Expansion - 16,670.569 acres of Arizona State Trust Land Sold - January 2020
A white hillside slants in from the left with the very faint trace of the Silver Bell Route running across it.
Waldron, Dripping Spring, Silver Bell, Rim Roads Loop, Grand Canyon - 10/25/2019
Pima County Multi-Species Conservation Plan - 2019 Annual Report Cover Page
Pima County Multi-Species Conservation Plan - 2019 Annual Report
2021 May Ironwood Flowers in the Sun
Blooming Ironwoods - 5/5/2021
2021 April Diana Temple from Mescalero Point in the Sunset
American Gods, Mimbreno Point and Mescalero Point - 4/23/2021-4/24/2021