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Walking thru Banff.
Top of the Tunnel Mountain Trail.
Sculpture in Prince's Island Park.
Prince's Island Eastern Grey Squirrel Black Morph.
Prince's Island Eastern Grey Squirrel.
On the bridge over the Bow River in Banff.
Magpie in Banff.
Looking towards a bridge to Prince's Island.
Looking down into Banff from the Tunnel Mountain Trail.
Last day in Canada.
Last day in Banff - in the snow.
Lake Louise Lakeshore.
Hiking the Tunnel Mountain trail.
Chateau Lake Louise.
Boots and Snow.
A View from the Tunnel Mountain Trail.
At the Banff Centre.
At Lake Louise.
Alison taking a picture of Lake Louise.
Alison in the snowy trees.
Alison in Calgary near Prince's Island Park.