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Mesquite Canyon Half Marathon Start.
Mesquite Canyon Half Portrait Self Portrait.
More great trail.
Great Hilltop Trail.
Fantastic Section of hillside trail.
Long Downhill.
Mesquite Canyon Half Marathon.
During the 2013 Mesquite Canyon 30K.
Mesquite Canyon Finish.
Desert and Blue Skies.
Cave Creek Thriller Richard at the Start.
The Sun.
Richard running into the distance.
Mesquite Canyon Near the Beginning.
Cave Creek Thriller Trail.
Richard on the 2nd loop of the San Tan Scramble 50k.
How we looked at the beginning....
Mile 15 of the 26k at the San Tan Scramble.
Sunrise at the San Tan Scramble.
I finished the 26k in 3:50 with an awesome cheer from my friends Traci, Charles, Ryan and Richard - we were all headed back to Tucson but I lingered in the parking lot to make sure that I was feeling ok.
Richard Starting the Race.
Richard started with the 7pm group - the sun was still up and the course was still quite hot.
Nice view - looks like I bumped the car (I had just set the camera on the hood) during this shot, but I liked it too much to delete it!
Start Finish Line.
Just before the start of the 26k.