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1961 Benchmark.
Grinding Holes.
Camping near High Tanks.
Petroglyphs in the Tinajas Altas Mountains.
Under The Stars in the Tinajas Altas Mountains 02.
Under The Stars in the Tinajas Altas Mountains 01.
Sea of Sand.
We hadn't researched ahead of time (I'm sure this is noted as closed if we had looked at the right map) so with just the map plotted an obvious route south to the border but were stopped by a restricted area
Sunset from the Tinajas Altas Mountains.
Traci exploring an advanced off road strategy for easier hitch connections - a bit of digging, a lot of poking fun and a quick pull from my truck and it was free.
Dana D helping with the excavation.
Sherd in the High Tanks Area.
Shadows at the base of the Tinajas Altas Mountains.
Lowest of the High Tanks.
Josepha Jacoba Martin, Abril 16, 1874, in person this was no clearer in the picture but I am fairly certain that this inscription is described in Last Water on the Devils Highway (Broyles...) and the text noted in the early 20th century.
There are a notable number of names and initials inscribed in the vicinity of the High Tanks - but apparently almost none of them have been connected to other historic documents - I wouldn't know the subtle differences between 'fake' and 'real' but my best guess is the date on this insciption is 1834 and the style seemed to me different than the other inscriptions I saw.
High Tanks.
Elephant Tree.
Dana Dave and Stephanie at the High Tanks.
Cattle Inspection Station Foundation 02.
In the late 1940s the Bureau of Animal Industry had intermittent line camps at Tinajas Altas, Tule Well, Papago Well and Quitobaquito where agents worked to prevent trepass cattle from Mexico from getting into the US to fight an outbreak of hoof-and-mouth disease.