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Lake Tahoe.
Desolation Wilderness.
Charles by the Tent.
Banshee Canyon in Mojave National Preserve.
Cinder Cone.
Cliff Wall in Mojave National Preserve.
Dow Villa.
Traffic on one of the main paths at Kelso Dunes.
Joshua Tree.
I was too late and slow to get to the top for sunset, but just after sunset I was left alone on the top, a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy the moonlight!
Wall Street Mill.
Water behind Barker Dam in Joshua Tree National Park.
View from Angel's Landing.
Dave on Taxman 2.
Alison finds some Shade.
Photographer and Heart Arch in the Alabama Hills.
Rising Moon and Setting Sun on the Kearsarge Pass Trail.
Strongest Made for the Money.
Sunset in the Kelso Dunes.
Cholla in Joshua Tree.
Charles with Cholla in Joshua Tree.
Charles on Jumping Jehosephat on Locomotion Wall.
Charles in the Skyline of the Joshua Sunset.
Charles and Brad at the top of Locomotion Rock.
Charles and Alison in Joshua Tree.
Brad on Jumping Jehosephat.
Brad leading Jumping Jehosephat.
Brad and Charles under Locomotion Wall.
Alison on Leaping Leana.
Alison in Joshua Tree.
Alison Climbing Leaping Leana.
Alison and Charles camping in Joshua Tree.
Alison and Charles.
Alison at the Devils Golf Course.
Artist Palette.
At the Mouth of Titus Canyon.
Balloon Trash on Racetrack Valley Road.
Canyon off Artist Drive.
Canyon off Artist Drive 02.
Charcoal Kilns.
Charcoal Kiln Window.
Along the James Irvine Trail.
Dry but I wonder if they fill or hold water after it rains - I assume these are natural but didn't see any information on that...
Wandering back to the Lava Tube parking - beautiful terrain!
Kelso Dunes View.
Writing in the Dunes.
Struggles in the Kelso Dunes.
Searching for Dairy Queen Wall.
Messages in the Dunes.
Lizard on the Dunes.
Lizard in the Sand of Kelso Dunes.
Kelso Dunes Lizard.
Hiking in Joshua Tree.
Hiking around Dairy Queen Wall.
Great view from Joshua Tree.
Eric in Joshua Tree.
Charles on Playhouse Rock.
Charles at Kelso Dunes.
Camped at Joshua Tree.
Alison on the Kelso Dunes.
Alison on Playhouse Rock.
Snow on the Tahoe Rim Trail.
Relay Peak.
Lovers Leap.
Finishing Relay Peak.
Relaxing on Lost Horse Wall.
Dappled Mare.
Tent on Table 2.
Tent on Table 1.
Static Line Revenge.
Static Line and Toilet.
On top of Lost Horse Wall.
Charles on Top of Lost Horse Wall.
Charles leading Dappled Mare.
Alison at the Top of Trash Can Rock.
Alison on Double Dogleg.
Left Ski Track.
Dave on Angel's Fright.
Adventure Pass Side 2.
Adventure Pass Side 1.
Information at these petroglyphs indicated that some of these had been painted over in a misguided attempt to make them more visible.
Tent on Table 3.
Alison Tent.
On the Beach near Gold Bluffs
Lake Tahoe.
At Bullfrog Lake looking up at Kearsarge Pass.
Racing Rocks 02.
Racing Rocks 03.
Starting down from Wildrose Peak with Telescope Peak in the background.
Sun and Clouds on the Racetrack.
View from Wildrose Peak.
Zabriskie Sunset.
Collared Lizard on the hike into Fall Canyon.
Devils Golf Course Night 1 in Death Valley.
My imagination was probably influenced by the Chuckwalla we stopped to watch here...
Enjoying Fall Canyon.
Fall Canyon.
Great views from the Ubehebe Peak Trail.
In Natural Bridge Canyon.
Last of the sun on Emigrant Canyon Road.
Looking back on the drive to the Racetrack from the Ubehebe Peak Trail.
Looking down on the Racetrack from the peak north of Ubehebe Peak.
Looking out from one of the Charcoal Kilns.
Looking up in one of the Charcoal Kilns.
Natural Bridge.
Pattern in the Fall Canyon Narrows.
Racing Rocks 01.
Racing Rocks 04.
Velcro Plant!
Stopping at the peak north of Ubehebe Peak.
Moon at False Klamath Cove.
Pelicans 01.
Pelicans 02.
Redwoods near Highway 101.
Kearsarge Pass Trail.
Kelso Dunes and Mountains Beyond just after Sunset.
The space is fairly small, well publicized and well visited - but it didn't matter, the minutes alone down here stretched out into magic...
Lava Tube Light 01.
Lava Tube Light 02.
Light Window and Shadow in Bansheee Canyon.
Main Kelso Dunes Entrance.
Mojave National Preserve Desert and Cinder Cones.
Dave B on Where Two Deserts Meet in Joshua Tree National Park.
Vulture 02.
Vulture 03.
Vultures 01.
Beach at Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park.
Beach Rocks.
Birds on False Klamath Rock.
Black Oyster Catcher.
Damnation Creek Trail near the Ocean.
Del Norte Coast Redwoods.
Elk near the Gold Bluffs Campground.
Fern Canyon.
Hiking Back to Damnation Creek.
Sunset in Joshua Tree.
Startled Camper in Joshua Tree.
Pack Rat nest in Joshua Tree.
Joshua Tree Sunset.
Joshhua Tree.
Dust Storm on the Highway.
Dave on Double Dogleg.
Cinder Cones and Lava.
Cinder Cones.