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Photos and notes from an overnight trip to Comanche Point on the rim of the Grand Canyon north of the Desert View Watchtower.
Overnight on Cedar Mountain in the Grand Canyon National Park.
Processing Photos under the stars in the Needles Campground.
Camped in Hovenweep.
Camping in Mesquite Canyon with Dave and Ryan.
Camping at Pass Mountain.
Camping at the North Rim Campground.
Alison and Sleeping Bag.
Camping in El Malpais.
Charles and Sleeping Bag in El Malpais.
Alison and Charles camping in Joshua Tree.
Camping at Yavapai Campground.
Campsite in the Organ Mountains.
Camped at Joshua Tree.
Camping in the Organ Mountains.
Zion Campground.
Tent on Table 3.
Charles in the Tent.
Zion Squirrel 2.
Zion Squirrel 1.
Camping near High Tanks.
Moon thru the Trees.
Setting up camp in Mather Campground.
Under The Stars in the Tinajas Altas Mountains 02.
Under The Stars in the Tinajas Altas Mountains 01.
Tule Well Camp.
Tent on Table 2.
Tent on Table 1.
Camped at the Blue Lake Campground in San Isabel National Forest.
Clear Creek Campground.
Lights in the Canyon.
Comanche Point Moon Shadow 02.
The moon shadow of Comanche Point stretches towards the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.