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Cat Mountain.
Summit Register on Tower Peak.
Cat Mountain Rainbow.
Looking towards Cat Mountain from Golden Gate.
Alison on the Cat Mountain Ridge.
Balloon on the sloped below the Cat Mountain Ridge.
Cat Mountain from the Sarasota Trailhead.
Cat Mountain Sunset 1.
Cat Mountain Sunset 2.
Last Light below the Cat Mountain Ridge.
Steep trail down.
Together on the Summit of Cat Mountain.
Sunset in the Tucson Mountains.
Together on the Slopes of Golden Gate Mountain.
Alison on Bren Mountain.
Cat Mountain and Tucson Estates.
Looking across Wakefield Canyon and the Empirita Ranch.
Graffiti on the Cat Mountain Summit.
Golden Gate Mountain from the Cat Mountain Summit.
Cat Mountain Summit Repeater.
Cat Mountain East Ridge Scramble.
Cat Mountain East Ridge.
Santa Catalina Mountains from Cat Mountain.
Waterman Peak looking towards the Tucson Mountains.
A unnamed rocky peak in the Waterman Mountains.