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Santa Catalina Mountains from the Pan Quemado Hills.
Clouds Hiding the Moon from Cathedral Rock.
Alison at the end of the Cathedral Peak Hike.
Santa Catalina Mountains from Panther Peak.
Santa Catalina Mountains from Ironwood National Forest.
Baldwin Trail headed for Cathedral Rock.
Arizona 179 into Sedona from Cathedral Rock.
Cathedral Rock in the Moonlight.
Cathedral Rock Shadow.
Cathedral Rock Silhouette 01.
Cathedral Rock Silhouette 02.
Last Shot of the Night on Cathedral Rock.
Moonrise from Cathedral Rock.
Sedona in Moonlight from Cathedral Rock 01.
Sedona in Moonlight from Cathedral Rock 02.
Sunset from Cathedral Rock 01.
Sunset from Cathedral Rock 02.
The Nuns.
Cathedral Rock.
Storm over Sedona from Cathedral Rock.