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Cedar Breaks from the Twisted Forest Trail 01.
Cedar Breaks from the Twisted Forest Trail 02.
Sheep in Dixie National Forest.
Cascade Falls Trail.
Lunch near the Virgin River Rim Trail.
A single chamber - the interest here was the rather amazing temperature differential after only a 10-15' climb down into the cave!
After driving Markagunt OHV Trail System roads from the Cascade Falls area over to Strawberry Point the point itself was an a great surprise - an exposed rocky viewpoint with amazing views! We arrived just in time to catch some good light.
Alison on Strawberry Point.
Looking towards the Grand Staircase-Escalante from Strawberry Point.
We hiked the (muddy!) Ramparts Trail from the Cedar Breaks National Monument Visitor Center at the end of the day to see sunset from Spectra Point - great light - no pictures but the hike back in the dusk was quiet and lovely.
Spectra Point Sunset 02.
Cedar Breaks National Monument.
Cascade Falls Trail - with all the other people - and then a quite hike on the Virgin River Rim Trail while the storm moved in - we were surprised by the distant but remarkable view of Zion.
Trees from Spectra Point.