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Overnight on Cedar Mountain in the Grand Canyon National Park.
Cover Page from the 1933 Desert View Drive in Grand Canyon National Park Guide.
Page 10 from Desert View Drive in Grand Canyon National Park showing Cedar Mountain - 1933.
Guide Leaflet No.1 - Desert View Drive in Grand Canyon National Park.
Looking Across the Grand Canyon from Cedar Mountain.
Little Colorado disappearing in the Haze.
Gold Hill and the Little Colorado River from Cedar Mountain.
City Lights from Cedar Mountain.
Looking towards the Desert View Tower from Comanche Point, sunset light on the cliffs, San Francisco Peaks in the background.
Hills across the Little Colorado River in the Sunset.
Wotans Throne.
Packing up on Cedar Mountain.
Cedar Mountain Shadow stretching towards the Little Colorado River and Black Knob.
Cedar Mountain Shadow Crossing the Little Colorado River.
Little Colorado River from near Cedar Mountain.
Cedar Mountain.
Cedar Mountain Trail.
Cedar Mountain from Comanche Point.
Cedar Mountain.
Snowy Cedar Mountain.