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Charles leading the Bong.
Running Towards Angels Landing.
Group Picture 2 after the Colossal Cave Run.
Group Picture 1 after the Colossal Cave Race.
Charles And Joe After the Colossal Cave Run.
Snow on the Rim.
Together on the Bright Angel Trail.
Endless Climbing to the South Rim on the Bright Angel Trail.
Navajo Knob Sunset.
South Beach Ghost.
Together on South Beach.
Processing Photos under the stars in the Needles Campground.
McDowell Mountain Frenzy.
Standing on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon near Mecalero Point.
Rillito River Near Craycroft.
About half done with the Mesquite Canyon Half Marathon.
The End!
Charles on the Lava.
Charles and Sleeping Bag in El Malpais.
North View in Cedar Breaks National Monument.
Charles by the Tent.
2000 Summer Zion Visitors Center Parking Lot.
2000 Summer Charles Wading in the Zion Narrows.
2000 Summer Charles in the Grand Canyon.
2000 Summer Charles Hiking in Bryce.
2000 Summer Charles and Alison in the Grand Canyon.
2000 Summer Charles and Alison in Orderville Canyon.
2000 Summer Charles and Alison in Flagstaff.
Charles with Cholla in Joshua Tree.
Charles at Lake Havasu.
Charles and Brad at the top of Locomotion Rock.
Charles and Alison in Joshua Tree.
Brad and Charles under Locomotion Wall.
Alison and Charles camping in Joshua Tree.
Alison and Charles.
Charles in Chiricahua National Monument.
Alison and Charles in the Chiricahua National Monument.
Scrambling in the Pinaleno Mountains.
Close up in the Grand Canyon.
Alison and Charles in the Grand Canyon.
Writing in the Dunes.
Messages in the Dunes.
Charles Outside our Hotel Room in Flagstaff.
Charles at Kelso Dunes.
Camped at Joshua Tree.
Small Drainage.
Snow on the Tahoe Rim Trail.
Relay Peak.
Relaxing on Lost Horse Wall.
Dappled Mare.
Alison and Charles in Red River Gorge.
Charles on Cat in the Hat.
Start of the Trip.
Poor Weather in Zion.
Sun Coming into Pine Creek.
Observation Point.
Mystery Canyon Jump.
Lara Rappelling out into the Narrows.
In the Pine Creek Narrows.
Hike out of Pine Creek.
Charles Jumping in Mystery Canyon.
Camping in Flagstaff.
West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon 2.
West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon 1.
Vacationing in Paradise Forks.
Above Red Snapper in Paradise Forks.
Top of Ewephoria.
Solar Slabs Ledge.
Red Rocks Yellow From Climbing Shoes.
Tent on Table 3.
Lake Powell View Point near the Glenn Canyon Dam 2.
Andy and Reuben at Weeping Rock.
Starting the Technical section of Englestead.
Rappeling off a jammed log in Englestead.
Hawks Nest, West Virginia, in the rain.
Charles at our camp in Moab.
Charles and Alison in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Summit of Humphrey's Peak.
Top of Geronimo.
Thru the Red Rocks.
The top of Cat in the Hat.
Second Rap on Geronimo.
Getting set to come down.
Under The Bong in Joshua Tree National Park.
Leah Leading.
Finally on the Clump.
Charles in the Tent.
Charles Sleeping in Cochise Stronghold.
Top of the First Falls in Orderville.
Suspended Garden above Orderville.
Sun and Shade in Orderville canyon.
Spry Canyon Approach.
Paradise Forks.
Orderville Narrows.
Orderville Handline Downclimb.
Orderville First Rappel.
Looking for the Marmots in Cedar Breaks.
Lara in Orderville.
First Rappel into Spry Canyon.
Dana in Orderville.
Cold Pools in Orderville.
Charles climbing in Paradise Forks.
Cedar Breaks Alpine Lake - Charles and Alison.
Paradise Forks Climbing.
Birch Hollow Start.
Birch Hollow First Rappel.
A Cold Plunge into Echo Canyon.
NC Coast Hatteras LightHouse.
Hiking the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek.
Looking towards a bridge to Prince's Island.
Last day in Canada.
Boots and Snow.
At the Banff Centre.
At Lake Louise.
Charles on Top of Lost Horse Wall.
Charles leading Dappled Mare.
Organ Mountains New Mexico.
Cold on the top of Bark Canyon Wall.
Cold January on Bark Canyon Wall.
The Start!
Red Volea Sport.
Ruby Beach CM ADT.
Bank of the Hoh River.
Yankee Doodle Shade in the Narrows.
Yankee Doodle Human Anchor.
Yankee Doodle First Rap.
Yankee Doodle CM Unpacking.
Yankee Doodle Above a small drop.
Behunin Heading Up Walters Wiggles.
Behunin First Rap.
Behunin Final Rap.
Behunin Final Approach Section.
Behunin CM and ADT.
Above the Final Rap.
Lara on the First Rappel in Englestead.
Downclimbing in Englestead Hollow.
Cliffs on the Englestead Approach.
Charles on the First Englestead Rappel.
Charles at the Mid Wall Station.
Alison on the Second Rappel in Englestead.
Dave Baker working hard on the Ariona Trail.
Summit Hut Trail Building Crew at an AZ Trail Building Event.
Charles Setting the First Behunin Rappel.
Charles and Alison Working on the AZ Trail.
Beach rolling.
Beach rolling.
Rolling on the beach...
Beach rolling.
Beach rolling.
Beach rolling.
In the Elizabethan Gardens.
Brown Mountain Dam.
Brown Mountain.
El Tour De Tucson - Alison and Charles after Finishing.
The whole point of this run was looking for a decent connector from Cochise over to the San Pedro without needing to cross private land - it was great to reach Middlemarch Road without any problems.
Alison and Charles on Griffin Bay.
Together on Goose Rock.
Blue and Green Ninja.
Leaving the Summit Hut in the Snow.
Fremont Saddle.
During the 2013 Mesquite Canyon 30K.
Mesquite Canyon Finish.
Packing up on Cedar Mountain.
In the Slots.
Starting on the Cochise Trail at the East Stronghold Campgroup.
Running on the Wild Mustang Trail.
Ridge coming down from Wasson Peak.
Running in the snowy Tucson Mountains.
Snowy Sweetwater Trail.
Alison and Charles, King Canyon Trail, Tucson Mountains.
Night Run on the South Kaibab Trail.
Charles and Alison on the Cape Trail.
Lincoln City.
Setting up camp in Mather Campground.
Charles starting the last Rappel in Behunin Canyon.
On the Douglas Spring Trail.
Desert and Blue Skies.
Charles and Ryan in the wash down to Slavin Gulch.
Stopping point for the day at the Slavin Gulch Trailhead.
On Devil's Bridge.
Charles, Richard and Alison in the Sunset.
World's Best Hiking Partner.
Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial Carving.
Camped near Walapai Point.
On the Road to Capitol Reef.
At the River.
Portland In the Rain.
El Tour After the Finish.
Charles on the River Path.
Vacation - Day 4.
Sea Star and Reflection.
Rocky Beach.
Charles and Alison.
McDowell Mountain Frenzy Self Portraits.
Mesquite Canyon Near the Beginning.
Alison and Charles.
Long Shadows.
Charles headed South along the Sand Pedro River.
The Fairbank Schoolhouse visible on the left - see http://www.sanpedroriver.org/fairbank.htm for more information.
Running up Wasson Peak with Richard.
Alison and Charles.
A self portrait at our first view of the Ocean.
Starting the day in Astoria.
Beach to the North.
Cave Creek End of the First Lap.
Cave Creek Finish.
In the Bavarian Alps.
Little Si Summit.
Looking Up.
Lowa Test Center.
Short Section of cable on the way to the top of the Kampenw.
Summit of the Kampenwand.
View from Hoypus Point North.
Walking on the beach in the Hoypus Point North Area.
Getting near the end.
Ogden River Parkway.
Running by Stone Mountain Lake.
Under the lights on top of Stone Mountain.
Just off Middlemarch Road.
Early start at the Wild Burro Trail in the Tortolita Mountains.
Charles and Alison on Sombrero Peak.
Static Line Revenge.
Static Line and Toilet.
On top of Lost Horse Wall.
In Front of the Suncoast.
Enjoying the Beach just North of the Bluff Trail.
Joshua Tree.
Photographer and Heart Arch in the Alabama Hills.
I was too late and slow to get to the top for sunset, but just after sunset I was left alone on the top, a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy the moonlight!
Devils Golf Course Night 1 in Death Valley.
Last of the sun on Emigrant Canyon Road.
Stopping at the peak north of Ubehebe Peak.
Bufflegrass Removal at Sweetwater Wetlands.
Charles and Alison in front of Bridal Wreath Falls.
Barnhardt On the Trail.
How we looked at the beginning....
Campus Coffee Bean in Flagstaff.
Point Lookout.
Mile 15 of the 26k at the San Tan Scramble.
Alison on Wasson Peak.
The directions I picked to the trailhead turned out to be less than ideal and we had a rather extensive detour thru the grasslands... Seemed like heavy oil/gas and wind development in the area.
After day 2 of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance appointments we got outside in the Devil's Backbone Open Space and did a short hike/run to the Keyhole - great fun with great people!
Enjoying the 4th of July on Wasson Peak.
Togetther on the top of Golden Gate.
Wasson Ghosts 1.
A Stop at the Glenn Canyon Dam Overlook.
Cat Tracks.
Enjoying Devils Bridge at Night.
Enjoying Wiregrass Canyon by Moonlight.
Headlamp Trails across Devils Bridge.
Junction on the Woodchute Trail.
Taking a break a few minutes below the Checkerboard Canyon Saddle.
Together on Observation Point.
Together on the Summit of Cat Mountain.
Valentines Heart on Observation Point.
Humphreys Peak.
Ledge near Cathedral Saddle.
Together on the Slopes of Golden Gate Mountain.
The Living Room.
The Living Room with Mount Olympus in the background.
Last Shot of the Night on Cathedral Rock.
Sunrise Together on Bear Mountain.
2015 October Pumpkin Throw Down 01
2015 October Pumpkin Throw Down 02
Charles and Alison on Wasson Peak.
Enjoying the Hermit Trail.
Taking a break on the Grandview Trail.
Photo by Dana Hartley.
Lights on the North Rim from Bright Angel Point.
On Panther Peak.
Loy Canyon Trail.
Valley of Fire Silica Dome Area.
Finishing R2R with Dana at the the Bright Angel Trailhead.
At the Grand Canyon National Park Boundary.
Alone on Comanche Point.
Standing on Mimbreno Point with Vesta Temple visible below - South Rim of the Grand Canyon.