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2018 October Clouds covering Charouleau Gap
Clouds covering Charouleau Gap.
Tags: charouleau gap,clouds,coronado national forest,oracle road,santa catalina mountains,storm
2015 November Last Light on Pusch Ridge
Last Light on Pusch Ridge.
Tags: arizona,bighorn mountain,charouleau gap,clouds,coronado national forest,golden gate mountain,mule ears,pima canyon,pima county,pusch peak,pusch ridge,pusch ridge wilderness,rosewood point,samaniego peak,santa catalina mountains,sunset,table mountain,tucson mountain park,tucson mountains,wolfs teeth
2014 March Storm over Tucson
Love the view of Pusch Ridge (Pusch, Bighorn, Table) with charouleau gap in the background.
Tags: arizona,bighorn mountain,charouleau gap,gates pass,golden gate mountain,pima county,pusch peak,rainbow,table mountain,tucson mountain park,tucson mountains