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City Lights from Cedar Mountain.
Clouds Hiding the Moon from Cathedral Rock.
Alison at the end of the Cathedral Peak Hike.
Alison coming up to Wasson Peak.
Alison on the Ferry.
Ferry from Bremerton to Seattle.
Seattle from the Ferry to Bremerton.
Lightning from Tumamoc Hill 02.
Lightning from Tumamoc Hill 01.
Lightning from Tumamoc Hill 03.
A Mountain Fireworks.
City Lights and Picture Rocks Road.
Enjoying the 4th of July on Wasson Peak.
Fireworks from Wasson Peak.
Moonlight from Wasson Peak.
Start of the Fireworks.
Wasson Ghosts 1.
Wasson Ghosts 2.
The Canyon by Moonlight from Observation Point.
Together on Observation Point.
Valentines Heart on Observation Point.
Alison in the Tucson Mountains.
Together on the Slopes of Golden Gate Mountain.
Sedona in Moonlight from Cathedral Rock 01.
Sedona in Moonlight from Cathedral Rock 02.
Cathedral Rock.
Sedona fromDoe Mountain.
Storm over Sedona from Cathedral Rock.
Walking along the river in Knoxville.
Broadway and 22nd Disappearing to the East.
Cat Mountain and Tucson Estates.
Gates Pass.
Moon Over Tucson 01.
Moon Over Tucson 02.
Tennessee River in Knoxville.
Tucson and the Santa Catalina Mountains.
Lights on the North Rim from Bright Angel Point.
Moon from Bright Angel Point.
Bighorn Fire Burning Down Samaniego Ridge.
Bighorn Fire in the Santa Catalina Mountains from Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Flames from the Bighorn Fire in the Santa Catalina Mountains.