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From the Shuttle, Rain as I head out for a run.
Looking towards Sunrise from near Walapai Point.
Storm from Mojave Point.
South Beach Ghost.
Together on South Beach.
Pine Valley Peak, Northgate Peaks, North Guardian Angel.
Cloudy sky over Dos Titos.
Near the Little Horse Trail.
Sunset from the Reno Lookout Tower.
Clouds around Mencius Temple and Confucius Temple.
Sun and Saguaro below Ragged Top.
Looking up from the Lee Valley Reservoir.
Clouds Hiding the Moon from Cathedral Rock.
Alison at the end of the Cathedral Peak Hike.
Trying to follow FR2509.
Sunset from South Beach on San Juan Island.
Wotans Throne.
Little Colorado from the East Baldy Trail.
Stars and Clouds over the Grand Canyon.
Mountain Lake at the End of the Day.
Night Sky and Clouds over the Grand Canyon from West of Walapai Point.
Ridge coming down from Wasson Peak.
Morenci Mine.
Table Mountain from the Slopes of Bren Mountain.
Walking out onto Shoshone Point.
ADT on Shoshone Road.
A Snowy view down to the Colorado River.
Colorado Clouds and Snow at the Watchtower.
Grand Canyon Storm Clouds.
Hiking towards Papago Point.
A quick stop at Lipan Point on the way back to Tucson after a great week in the Grand Canyon!
Nuthatch along the Shoshone Road.
Snow and Sunset at the top of the Grandview Trail.
Snow at Navajo Point.
Snow on the Hermit Trail.
View from Papago Point.
Watchtower Sailing.
Zoroaster Angels Gate and Brahma Temple.
Zuni Point in the Clouds.
Last Light on Pusch Ridge.
Weather moving in.
Clouds in the Grand Canyon.
Elk and Snow.
Looking down on the Bright Angel Trail.
Mather Point Empty and Grey.
Shoshone Point in the Clouds.
Snow on Shoshone Point.
Snow on the road to Shoshone Point.
Snow covered the nearly empty parking lot and as I stood in this spot taking pictures the tower nearly disappeared from view!
Storm from Oracle Road.
Swirling Clouds.
A peak at the Colorado thru the clouds.
Clouds and Hints of Snow on the Rim Trail.
Clouds covering Charouleau Gap.
Moon From KP Cienega Campground.
Agave Sunset.
Mount Lemmon from the Ragged Top Area.
Looking Across the Grand Canyon from Mather Point.
Santa Catalina Mountains from Ironwood National Forest.
Above the Salt River From Highway 60.
Sunset Clouds.
Above the Clouds.
Alison on the Appalachian Trail.
Sunset coming down from Golden Gate Mountain.
Cat Mountain Sunset 1.
Cat Mountain Sunset 2.
Stars and Clouds over Capitol Reef from Sunset Point.
Cliffs Clouds and Stars over Highway 24 in Utah.
Looking over Sulphur Creek and into Capitol Reef from Sunset Point.
Side Canyon South of Grand Wash.
Side Canyon North of Grand Wash.
Moon From the Bear Mountain Trail.
Moonrise from the Bear Mountain Trail.
Dana in Fay Canyon.
San Francisco Peaks from Bear Mountain.
View from the Jim Bryant Trail.
Close to Sunset near Gates Pass.
Clouds from near Gates Pass.
Dream Mountains and False Reflection.
Golden Gate Sunset.
Looking at the Santa Catalina Mountains from Bren Mountain.
Prominent Point disappearing in Shadow.
Saguaro into the Sky.
Canyon Wall and Sky.
On the White House Trail.
Whitehouse Overlook.
White House Sunset.
Frozen Tree.
Newfound Gap.
Snow on the Appalachian Trail.
Winter near Charlies Bunion.
Crow Windmill.
Beautiful Skies over Shaw Canyon.
Clouds around the South Rim 02.
Zoroaster Temple in the Clouds 02.
Zoroaster Temple in the Clouds 01.
San Francisco Peaks in the Clouds from Citadel Pueblo.
From the Lookout Studio Terrace.
Clouds around the South Rim.
Clouds covering the Grand Canyon from Powell Point.
Covered the Clouds.