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Looking across the San Pedro to Cochise Stronghold from the French Joe Canyon Road.
Climbing in Cochise.
Dave Rappelling off Whale Dome.
Dave at the top of Pitch 3.
Top of Ewephoria.
George leading Pitch 3 of Ewephoria.
Alison leading Pitch 5 of Ewephoria.
Another View of the Rockfellow Group.
Charles Sleeping in Cochise Stronghold.
Looking into the Cochise Dome Area.
Rockfellow Group.
Alison and Ryan on the Slavin Gulch Trail.
Alison and Traci at the Slavin Gulch Trailhead.
Alison on the Slavin Gulch Trail.
At the West Side Trailhead.
Charles and Ryan in the wash down to Slavin Gulch.
Cochise Dome.
Cross Country North of Council Rocks.
Devin and Ryan heading down into Slavin Gulch.
Running 687.
Small Trail heading towards Salvin Gulch.
Small Trail thru the Brush.
Stopping point for the day at the Slavin Gulch Trailhead.
Rockfellow Group.
Dave Climbing End Game.
Reflection in Halfmoon Tank.
Rockfellow Group from the Cochise Trail.
Rock Formation off the Cochise Trail.
The Road to Cochise.
Alison and Dana on Halfmoon Tank.
Cochise Dome.
At the Stronghold Divide.
Devin at Halfmoon Tank.
Rockfellow Group in the background.
Starting on the Cochise Trail at the East Stronghold Campgroup.
http://www.gvrhc.org/Library/SlavinGulch.pdf has some great information on Slavin Gulch and the Abril Mine including a picture identifying this as the control building for the mine - beautiful spot.
Note the old ore chute from the Abril mine, here and from a distance on the hike it looks a bit like a water stain (which would have been welcome on this rather warm day!).
http://www.gvrhc.org/Library/SlavinGulch.pdf indicates that the Abril mine was worked from 1914 to 1952.
Seemed longer and hotter on the way back to the car - running/hiking this section of road as part of doing section of the Sky Island Traverse.
Overlooking the Lower Section of the Slavin Gulch Trail.
My small point-and-shoot was no match for the bright sun and this picture only hints at the complex and amazing color that the rocks have in this area, beautiful!
The whole point of this run was looking for a decent connector from Cochise over to the San Pedro without needing to cross private land - it was great to reach Middlemarch Road without any problems.
A couple of miles in there was an area that seems to get some heavy use by cattle - a nearby pen seemed like it would be quite an unpleasant area if the cows were there...
Hiking to the Presidio Santa Cruz de Terrenate.
Alison at Half Moon Tank.
Cochise Spring.
Family at Half Moon Tank.
Manzanita Flowers in Chocise Stronghold.
Slavin Gulch - May 2013