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Photos and notes from an overnight trip to Comanche Point on the rim of the Grand Canyon north of the Desert View Watchtower.
The 1:48,000 Bright Angel USGS Topo - edition of May 1906, November 1912.
Stereograph titled "The Cañon at noon" by John K. Hillers. Photographs taken in the 1870s for the U.S. Topographical and Geological Survey of the Colorado River of the West by J.W. Powell and A.H. Thompson.
The 1:48,000 Bright Angel USGS Topo - edition of May 1906, reprinted 1927.
A book by Martha Summerhayes about her remarkable journeys and life with the US Army from 1874 to 1910.
Hite Overlook.
Moonrise on the Colorado 03.
Moonrise on the Colorado 02.
Moonrise on the Colorado 01.
Moonrise on Yuma Point.
2000 Summer Glen Canyon Dam.
2000 Summer A View of Northern Arizona.
2000 Summer Alison looking into the Grand Canyon.
Hoover Dam-000012.
Parker Dam.
Looking Downcanyon from Glen Canyon Dam.
Resting on the River Bank.
Sunset Light on Whites Butte from Yuma Point.
Sunset Light in the Grand Canyon from Yuma Point.
Sunrise from Yuma Point 01.
Out of frame on the rim to the right we could see a few lights in the Hermit's Rest area.
View to the confluence of Boucher Creek and Topaz Canyon from west of Cocopa Point.
Sunset on Yuma Point looking towards Isis Temple.
Looking East from Cocopa Point.
The Hermit and Tonto Trails are both visible below.
Dana on Cocopa Point.
Cocopa Point View 02.
Colorado River South of Tanner Canyon Rapids.
A Snowy view down to the Colorado River.
Colorado Clouds and Snow at the Watchtower.
Junction of the Hermit and Tonto Trail.
A quick stop at Lipan Point on the way back to Tucson after a great week in the Grand Canyon!
Monument Creek and Granite Rapids.
View from Papago Point.
Looking at the Colorado from Navajo Bridge.
Mom and Dad on Navajo Bridge.
A stop at Lees Ferry on the way to Flagstaff!
Lizard near the Colorado River in Lees Ferry.
Paria River.
Paria River joining the Colorado.
At the end of our Death Valley trip, on the way back after spending the night at the Mount Charleston Lodge.
Last of the sunset at the mouth of Cathedral Wash on the Colorado.
Lees Ferry and the Colorado River from the Spencer Trail.
A Stop at the Glenn Canyon Dam Overlook.
Lees Ferry.
A traditional road trip stop and fun to touch the Colorado here close to the end of our trip after touching it at Willow Beach near the start of our trip!
Looking back at the Silver Suspension Bridge and Kaibab Suspension Bridge from the River Trail.
Almost to the Silver Suspension Bridge.
Watching Rafts on the River from the Silver Suspension Bridge.
Looking North from Comanche Point.
Looking North along the Palisades of the Desert.
Lights in the Canyon.
Comanche Point Sunset.
Comanche Point Shadow 02.
Comanche Point Shadow 01.
Comanche Point Moon Shadow 02.
View from Pinal Point.
Looking down the Colorado River.
Cliffs below Comanche Point with the Colorado River below.
Sunrise on Comanche Point.
The moon shadow of Comanche Point stretches towards the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.