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Mesa Verde Petroglyph.
Night on Point Lookout.
Distant Storm.
Hesperus Moutain in the Distance.
Storm Cloud from Point Lookout.
Mesa Verde.
Long House.
San Juan Mountains.
Near the Entrance to the Great Sand Dunes National Park.
Sand Canyon Area 01.
Spainish Peaks from the Junction of 160 and 12.
Camped at the Blue Lake Campground in San Isabel National Forest.
Great Sand Dunes National Park.
Looking over Sand Canyon.
Tower on Tower.
Sand Canyon Area 02.
Milky Way from Zepata Falls Campground.
On the Dunes looking across Medano Creek.
Sunset on the Dunes from the Zepata Falls Parking Lot.
Trinchera Peak from Lower Blue Lake.
Twin Peaks from the Zapata Falls Campground.
Walking on the Dunes.
Point Lookout.
Clouds and Light behind the Butte.
Cows near the Pawnee Buttes Trailhead.
The directions I picked to the trailhead turned out to be less than ideal and we had a rather extensive detour thru the grasslands... Seemed like heavy oil/gas and wind development in the area.
Pawnee Buttes.
Pawnee National Grassland.
After day 2 of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance appointments we got outside in the Devil's Backbone Open Space and did a short hike/run to the Keyhole - great fun with great people!
Ending the last hike of this short vacation.
A window in the Backbone.
Devils Shoulder.
End of the Day with Alison in Devils Backbone.
A great hike with Richard, Stacie and Alison.
Alison in the Grasslands.
Alison in the Grasslands 2.
Lowry Pueblo Doorway.
Lowry Pueblo.