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Looking North along the Palisades of the Desert.
View From the Grandview Trail.
Hance Creek.
East of Grandview Point.
Rim East of Grand View Point.
Last Light on Vishnu Temple.
Looking towards the Desert View Tower from Comanche Point, sunset light on the cliffs, San Francisco Peaks in the background.
Looking North from Comanche Point.
Dana Above Hance Creek.
Looking Across the Grand Canyon from Cedar Mountain.
Lights in the Canyon.
Cliffs below Comanche Point on the Descent - this Raven joined me while I was taking pictures making calls that seemed to be strange raven versions of sounds of the click and drill sounds our birds make at home.
Desert View and the Canyon Below from Comanche Point.
Comanche Point Sunset.
Comanche Point Shadow 02.
Comanche Point Shadow 01.
Comanche Point Moon Shadow 02.
Comanche Point.
Cedar Mountain from Comanche Point.
Camped on Comanche Point.
7074 on this benchmark - current maps show 7073.
Alone on Comanche Point.
Vishnu Temple from Shoshone Point.
Shoshone Point Snow.
A Sinking Ship
Cliffs below Comanche Point with the Colorado River below.
Sunrise on Comanche Point.
The moon shadow of Comanche Point stretches towards the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.
Milky Way and stars over the Grand Canyon with Vishnu Temple and Wotans Throne on the horizon - from Comanche Point.
A view from the hike to Comanche Point.
Photos and notes from an overnight trip to Comanche Point on the rim of the Grand Canyon north of the Desert View Watchtower.