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A stroll on the Miller Creek Trail.
Cover Page from Pima County Regional Trail System Master Plan 2012.
The 2012 Pima County Regional Trail System Master Plan, 2012.
Climbing in Cochise.
Dave Climbing End Game.
Dave Rappelling off Whale Dome.
Dave at the top of Pitch 3.
George leading Pitch 3 of Ewephoria.
Easter Climbing.
Alison leading Pitch 5 of Ewephoria.
Another View of the Rockfellow Group.
Charles Sleeping in Cochise Stronghold.
Looking into the Cochise Dome Area.
Rockfellow Group.
Blue Dicks flowering along FR4402.
Papago Spring Windmill.
1933 June.
FR4402 With the Tucson Mountains on the Horizon.
A rusting water tank in the Papago Spring area.
A cloudy sky over the Rincon Mountains - Rincon Peak is barely visible, center right.
At the base of the windmill at Papago Spring.
Blackfly larvae in a small canyon in the Rincon Mountains.
Old corral at the Papago Well Trailhead and the border of Forest Service and Arizona State Trust Land.
At the Stronghold Divide.
Devin at Halfmoon Tank.
Rockfellow Group in the background.
Starting on the Cochise Trail at the East Stronghold Campgroup.
Agua Caliente Hill.
Alison and Ryan on the Slavin Gulch Trail.
Alison and Traci at the Slavin Gulch Trailhead.
Alison on the Slavin Gulch Trail.
At the West Side Trailhead.
Charles and Ryan in the wash down to Slavin Gulch.
Cochise Dome.
Cross Country North of Council Rocks.
Devin and Ryan heading down into Slavin Gulch.
Running 687.
Small Trail heading towards Salvin Gulch.
Small Trail thru the Brush.
Stopping point for the day at the Slavin Gulch Trailhead.
Table Mountain from the Slopes of Bren Mountain.
Long Shadows.
Mustang Mountains from a ridge above Boston Gulch.
Yucca Flowers above Boston Gulch.
Southwestern Pricklypoppy in Boston Gulch.
Old Valves above Boston Gulch.
Fallen Tank above Kentucky Camp.
Air Release Valve.
Santa Catalina Mountains from the Garwood Dam Trail 2.
Santa Catalina Mountains from the Garwood Dam Trail 1.
Alison at Half Moon Tank.
Cochise Spring.
Family at Half Moon Tank.
Manzanita Flowers in Chocise Stronghold.
Last Light on Pusch Ridge.
Storm from Oracle Road.
Clouds covering Charouleau Gap.
Cactus Coreid.
Drying Brittle Brush along the Linda Vista Trail.
A Saguaro Flower near the Linda Vista Trails earlier in the month!
Saguaro Flower near the Linda Vista Trail.
Rincon Peak.
Pusch Peak from Tumamoc Hill.
Santa Catalina Mountains from Ironwood National Forest.
Reflection in Halfmoon Tank.
Rockfellow Group from the Cochise Trail.
Rock Formation off the Cochise Trail.
The Road to Cochise.
Looking at the Santa Catalina Mountains from Bren Mountain.
Pontatoc Ridge from Safford Peak.
Prominent Point disappearing in Shadow.
Snow on Mount Lemmon from the Garwood Dam Trail.
Sunrise on a Snowing Mount Lemmon.
Just before Sunrise.
Snow on the Santa Catalina Mountains.
Hoverfly at the Papago Well Trailhead.
Tree near the Miller Creek Trail.
Just off the Miller Creek Trail looking towards the Little Rincon Mountains.
Miller Creek Trail.
Miller Creek.
Larvae in a stream crossing FR4402 02.