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Alison at the Devils Golf Course.
Artist Palette.
At the Mouth of Titus Canyon.
Balloon Trash on Racetrack Valley Road.
Canyon off Artist Drive.
Canyon off Artist Drive 02.
Charcoal Kilns.
Charcoal Kiln Window.
Racing Rocks 02.
Racing Rocks 03.
Starting down from Wildrose Peak with Telescope Peak in the background.
Sun and Clouds on the Racetrack.
View from Wildrose Peak.
Zabriskie Sunset.
Collared Lizard on the hike into Fall Canyon.
Devils Golf Course Night 1 in Death Valley.
My imagination was probably influenced by the Chuckwalla we stopped to watch here...
Enjoying Fall Canyon.
Fall Canyon.
Great views from the Ubehebe Peak Trail.
In Natural Bridge Canyon.
Last of the sun on Emigrant Canyon Road.
Looking back on the drive to the Racetrack from the Ubehebe Peak Trail.
Looking down on the Racetrack from the peak north of Ubehebe Peak.
Looking out from one of the Charcoal Kilns.
Looking up in one of the Charcoal Kilns.
Natural Bridge.
Pattern in the Fall Canyon Narrows.
Racing Rocks 01.
Racing Rocks 04.
Velcro Plant!
Stopping at the peak north of Ubehebe Peak.