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Looking across the San Pedro to Cochise Stronghold from the French Joe Canyon Road.
Alison and Ryan on the Slavin Gulch Trail.
Alison and Traci at the Slavin Gulch Trailhead.
Alison on the Slavin Gulch Trail.
At the West Side Trailhead.
Charles and Ryan in the wash down to Slavin Gulch.
Cochise Dome.
Cross Country North of Council Rocks.
Devin and Ryan heading down into Slavin Gulch.
Running 687.
Small Trail heading towards Salvin Gulch.
Small Trail thru the Brush.
Stopping point for the day at the Slavin Gulch Trailhead.
Rockfellow Group.
New Orchard off Cochise Stronghold Road.
Reflection in Halfmoon Tank.
Rockfellow Group from the Cochise Trail.
Rock Formation off the Cochise Trail.
The Road to Cochise.
Alison and Dana on Halfmoon Tank.
Cochise Dome.
At the Stronghold Divide.
Devin at Halfmoon Tank.
Rockfellow Group in the background.
Starting on the Cochise Trail at the East Stronghold Campgroup.