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La Ventana Natural Arch.
El Malpais Cliffrose.
Hedgehog on Lava.
Lizard and Lava.
Prickly Pear in El Malpais 02.
Prickly Pear in El Malpais 01.
Lava Tube, Snow and Shadows.
Lava near the Lava Falls Trail in El Malpais.
Charles on the Lava.
Alison and Sleeping Bag.
Lava Tube.
Camping in El Malpais.
Prickly Pear Flower on the El Malpais Lava Falls Trail.
Lava Fields.
Dittert Site.
Pottery in the Armijo Canyon Area.
Lava with Snow in the Background.
Charles and Sleeping Bag in El Malpais.
Sunset at Sandstone Bluffs in El Malpais.
Menacing Cows in El Malpais.
CDT near the Chain of Craters Backcountry Byway.