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Empire Ranch Prairie Dogs 06.
Empire Ranch Prairie Dogs 05.
Empire Ranch Prairie Dogs 04.
Empire Ranch Prairie Dogs 03.
Empire Ranch Prairie Dogs 02.
Empire Ranch Prairie Dogs 01.
Mud 01.
Mud 02.
Mud 03.
Mud 04.
Pronghorn .
Tent Caterpillars near Cinega Creek.
Under the Cottonwoods.
Whetstone Mountains from near Cinega Creek.
Sunset from Las Cienegas National Conservation Area.
Page 29 from Empire Ranch - Historic American Landscapes Survey - showing important landscape areas.
Page 70 from Empirita Ranch Historic District National Register of Historic Places Registration Form.
The Empire Ranch Historic American Landscapes Survey Document - HALS AZ-19 - including information on buildings, the landscape and the history of Empire Ranch.
Interesting information about the history of the Empirita Ranch.
A visit to the Black-tailed Prairie Dogs re-introduced to Southern Arizona in the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area - Empire Ranch.
A drive thru Pima County's Empirita Ranch including a visit to Wakefield Spring.