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Looking up at the Milky Way from the Navajo Knobs Trail.
Alison Hiking up the Peek A Boo Trail under the Stars.
Together on South Beach.
Alison starting the hike down from the Sombrero.
Dana and Dave on a New Moon Cactus Forest Run.
Alison at the end of the Cathedral Peak Hike.
Setting up camp in Mather Campground.
Taking a break along the Hugh Norris Trail.
Headlamp on the Hermit Trail early in the Morning.
I was too late and slow to get to the top for sunset, but just after sunset I was left alone on the top, a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy the moonlight!
Alison at the Devils Golf Course.
Night in Cathedral Wash.
Alison and Richard heading up the Bright Angel Trail.
Alison on the Bright Angel Trail.
Walking across to look for the Fire Flies that we say flashing on the other side of the canyon!
Headlamp trails on the Road to Wos.
Enjoying Devils Bridge at Night.
Headlamp Trails across Devils Bridge.
Observation Point Trail by Headlamp 01.
Observation Point Trail by Headlamp 02.
Richard Running down the Hugh Norris Trail.
Alison coming up to Wasson Peak.
Moon and Headlamp on the King Canyon Trail.
Richard and Kirsten below Wasson Peak - Alison and I lingered at the peak and the meandered down taking pictures and looking at insects.
Looking Across the Grand Canyon from Mather Point.
Night view from Wasson Peak.
Running up Wasson Peak with Richard.
The rising moon was spectacular - Ragnar Trail McDowell Mountain with the Summit Hut Team Jumping Chollas!
Alison hiking up the Grandview Trail.
Taking a break on the Grandview Trail.