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Blooming Ironwoods, Saguaro Flowers and Petroglyphs in Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Page 3 from History of Cocoraque Butte.
Page 3 from Prehistoric Agave Cultivation in Southern Arizona.
Information about and a record of site visits by Tohono O’odham tribal members to Cocoraque Butte in Ironwood National Forest by T. J. Ferguson for Arizona Open Lands Trust.
An article from Desert Plants, Volume 7, Number 2 titled Prehistoric Agave Cultivation in Southern Arizona with a focus on the area between the Santa Cruz River and Tortolita Mountains.
An article on Tucson Basin cerros de trincheras sites.
Between Desert and River: Hohokam Settlement and Land Use in the Los Robles Community, Christian E. Downum, 1993.
Sherds on the slopes of Cerro Prieto.
Cocoraque Butte.
Petroglyphs 03.
Petroglyphs 06.
Cocoraque Butte Petroglyphs 01.
Cocoraque Butte Petroglyphs 03.
Petroglyphs 01.
Petroglyphs 05.
Petroglyphs 02.
Cocoraque Butte Petroglyphs 02.
Petroglyphs 07.
Cocoraque Butte Petroglyphs 05.
Cocoraque Butte Petroglyphs 04.
Pottery Fragment.
Cocoraque Butte Petroglyphs 06.
Petroglyphs 04.
Trincheras 01.
Trincheras 02.
Pottery 01.
Pottery 02.
Pottery 03.
Pottery 04.
Pottery 05.
Vista Del Rio Cultural Resources Park.
Pottery Fragment in Vista del Rio Cultural Park.