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Charles leading the Bong.
Information at these petroglyphs indicated that some of these had been painted over in a misguided attempt to make them more visible.
Dave on Double Dogleg.
Joshhua Tree.
Cholla in Joshua Tree.
Charles with Cholla in Joshua Tree.
Charles on Jumping Jehosephat on Locomotion Wall.
Charles in the Skyline of the Joshua Sunset.
Charles and Brad at the top of Locomotion Rock.
Charles and Alison in Joshua Tree.
Brad on Jumping Jehosephat.
Brad leading Jumping Jehosephat.
Brad and Charles under Locomotion Wall.
Alison on Leaping Leana.
Alison in Joshua Tree.
Alison Climbing Leaping Leana.
Alison and Charles camping in Joshua Tree.
Alison and Charles.
Searching for Dairy Queen Wall.
Hiking in Joshua Tree.
Hiking around Dairy Queen Wall.
Great view from Joshua Tree.
Eric in Joshua Tree.
Charles on Playhouse Rock.
Camped at Joshua Tree.
Alison on Playhouse Rock.
Relaxing on Lost Horse Wall.
Dappled Mare.
Dave on Taxman 2.
Alison finds some Shade.
Tent on Table 3.
Sunset in Joshua Tree.
Startled Camper in Joshua Tree.
Pack Rat nest in Joshua Tree.
Joshua Tree Sunset.
Under The Bong in Joshua Tree National Park.
Leah Leading.
Jeff and Maryanne.
Finally on the Clump.
Charles in the Tent.
Dave B on Where Two Deserts Meet in Joshua Tree National Park.
Charles on Top of Lost Horse Wall.
Charles leading Dappled Mare.
Alison at the Top of Trash Can Rock.
Alison on Double Dogleg.
Tent on Table 2.
Tent on Table 1.
Static Line Revenge.
Static Line and Toilet.
On top of Lost Horse Wall.
Joshua Tree.
Joshua Tree and Moon from the Black Rock Canyon Trail in Joshua Tree National Park.
Looking down from the Panorama Loop Trail.
Rosy Boa.
Strongest Made for the Money.
Wall Street Mill.
Water behind Barker Dam in Joshua Tree National Park.