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Late 1990s Backpacking - Wilson Creek in the Rain with Dana and .
01 Fall Lara and Dana Gates Pass.
Waiting in Pine Creek.
Sunny Ledge in Pine Creek.
Pile of Sand in Mystery Canyon.
Observation Point.
Mystery Canyon Walls.
Mystery Canyon Jump.
Mystery behind the Sand Pile.
Lara Rappelling out into the Narrows.
Hike out of Pine Creek.
Cold Water in Pine Creek.
First Pools in Echo Canyon.
Top of the First Falls in Orderville.
Suspended Garden above Orderville.
Spry Canyon Hanging Rappel.
Spry Canyon Approach.
Sliding Thru Orderville.
Paradise Forks.
Orderville Narrows.
Orderville Handline Downclimb.
Orderville First Rappel.
Looking for the Marmots in Cedar Breaks.
Lara and Dana in Yankee Doodle.
Hiking the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek.
Dana and Lara on the approach.
Above Angels Landing.
Cedar Breaks Alpine Lake - Dana and Lara.
Alison above the Petroglyphs.
Birch Hollow Start.
Lara on the First Rappel in Englestead.
Ice at the start of Englestead.
Lara in Behunin Canyon.
Zion Campground.
Snow on the Tahoe Rim Trail.
Relay Peak.
Finishing Relay Peak.
Starting the Technical section of Englestead.
Hiking in Englestead Hollow.
Lara Hiking to Behunin Canyon.
Lara in the Orderville Waterpark.
Lara in Orderville.
Lara Headed into the Spry Canyon Narrows.
Lara Climbing in Paradise Forks.
Heading into the final section of Spry Canyon.
Cedar Breaks View.