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A stop at Lees Ferry on the way to Flagstaff!
Moonrise on the Colorado 03.
Moonrise on the Colorado 02.
Moonrise on the Colorado 01.
Lizard near the Colorado River in Lees Ferry.
Paria River.
Paria River joining the Colorado.
We watched a wasp drag this caterpillar onto the rock and then leave it - apparently temporarily paralyzed it moved away after some minutes but we assume it was now a host for the wasps young...
Alison in Cathedral Wash.
Last of the sunset at the mouth of Cathedral Wash on the Colorado.
Lees Ferry and the Colorado River from the Spencer Trail.
Lichen and Sandstone.
Lonely Dell Ranch Area.
Night in Cathedral Wash.
Sunset along the Paria River.
Lees Ferry.
A traditional road trip stop and fun to touch the Colorado here close to the end of our trip after touching it at Willow Beach near the start of our trip!
We were curious why we couldn't see a number on the blank wing tag...