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Looking towards Sunrise from near Walapai Point.
Confucius and Mencius Temples and Shadow.
View from the South Rim above Turquoise Canyon.
Pollux Temple from Piute Point.
Looking East from Piute Point to Pollux and Diana Temples.
Castor Temple.
Sunrise Light streaming over Confucius and Mencius Temples.
Clouds around Mencius Temple and Confucius Temple.
Night Sky and Clouds over the Grand Canyon from West of Walapai Point.
Yuma Point.
View to the confluence of Boucher Creek and Topaz Canyon from west of Cocopa Point.
Tower of Ra in Sunset Light from Yuma Point.
Cocopa Point View 02.
Cocopa Point View 01.
Mencius and Confucius Temples at sunset from Mimbreno Point.
Sunrise at Hopi Point.
A view thru the trees down into the Grand Canyon from the Waldron Trail.
Standing on Mimbreno Point with Vesta Temple visible below - South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Looking down Boucher Creek from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.