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Hiking the Rim above Boucher Creek.
Diana Temple dividing the world into light and shadow.
Looking East from Piute Point to Pollux and Diana Temples.
Tower of Set in Sunset Light from Mescalero Point.
Sunrise on Mescalero Point Looking Towards Castor and Pollux Temples.
Sunlight thru the notch between Mescalero Point and Diana Temple.
Sunlight thru the gap between Diana Temple and Mescalero Point.
Standing on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon near Mecalero Point.
Rocky Ridge.
Moonlight on Pollux Temple from Mescalero Point.
Looking Up Canyon from Mescalero Point.
Diana Temple Shadow from Mescalero Point.
Diana Temple Moon Shadow.
Castor Temple and Diana Temple.
Camped near Mescalero Point.
Backpacking to Mescalero Point on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.