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Tule Well Area at Night.
Camping under the Milky Way.
Milky Way over Capitol Reef from the Red Canyon Trail.
Milky Way from the Peek A Boo Loop in Bryce.
Looking up at the Milky Way from the Navajo Knobs Trail.
Moon and Milky Way at the Temple of the Moon.
Moon rising over the Temple of the Moon.
Milky Way from Zepata Falls Campground.
Milky Way and Fireflies from Garwood Dam.
Night Sky in Great Basin National Park.
Moonlight and Milky Way in Great Basin National Park.
Milky Way and stars over the Grand Canyon with Vishnu Temple and Wotans Throne on the horizon - from Comanche Point.
Photos and notes from an overnight trip to Comanche Point on the rim of the Grand Canyon north of the Desert View Watchtower.