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Aaron coming into Dickerson Flat.
Tags: aaron,apache-sitgreaves national forest,dickerson flat,f218,mogollon monster 100,mogollon rim,turkey spring trail
I hiked over to the Pine Trailhead to meet Aaron for the last 2 miles or so of the race - it was fun to be on the course with him!
Tags: aaron,highway 87,mogollon monster 100,pine,tunnel
Aaron Arriving at the Black Mesa Crew Area during the Mogollon Monster 100.
Tags: aaron,apache-sitgreaves national forest,black mesa,fr300,mogollon monster 100,mogollon rim
15 minutes of rest and Aaron was up, running and passing other racers on the course.
Tags: aaron,apache-sitgreaves national forest,arizona,coconino county,coconino national forest,dickerson flat,fr218,mogollon monster 100,mogollon rim,mogollon rim ranger district
The Mogolllon Monster.
Tags: apache-sitgreaves national forest,arizona,buck springs,coconino county,coconino national forest,fr321,mogollon monster 100,mogollon rim,mogollon rim ranger district
A bit over 50 miles into the race!
Tags: aaron,aid station,apache-sitgreaves national forest,arizona,coconino county,coconino national forest,fr95,mogollon monster 100,mogollon rim,mogollon rim ranger district,night,pinchot cabin
Classic cell phone shot with my finger in it...
Tags: aaron,apache-sitgreaves national forest,arizona,black mesa,black mesa ranger district,coconino county,fr300,mogollon monster 100,mogollon rim,richard,sitgreaves national forest
A classic road trip in Arizona.
Tags: flagstaff,grand canyon,mogollon monster 100,sedona