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Bats in Reno.
Atlatl Rock Area 03.
Atlatl Rock 01.
Atlatl Rock Area 01.
Hoover Dam-000012.
Charles on Cat in the Hat.
Solar Slabs Ledge.
Red Rocks Yellow From Climbing Shoes.
Alison Leading Pitch 4 of Geronimo.
Top of Geronimo.
Thru the Red Rocks.
The top of Cat in the Hat.
Second Rap on Geronimo.
Kevin taking a break on Cat in the Hat.
Kevin leading on Geronimo.
Jackrabbit Buttress, Juniper Canyon.
Getting set to come down.
Alison walking out to Mescalito in Pine Creek Canyon.
Alison on Cat in the Hat.
Dave Climbing Pitch 3 of Geronimo.
Atlatl Rock Area 02.
Atlatl Rock 02.
In Front of the Suncoast.
Red Rocks.
Stopping on the way back from Death Valley
Night Sky in Great Basin National Park.
Wood Nymph on Goldenrod.
Valley of Fire Silica Dome Area.
Teresa Lake on the Alpine Lakes Loop in Great Basin National Park.
Stella Lake with Jeff Davis and Wheeler Peaks in the Background.
South Fork of Baker Creek.
Moonlight and Milky Way in Great Basin National Park.
Leaving the Valley of Fire.
Columbian Monkshood along Baker Creek.
Cathedral Gorge Caves Area.
Cathedral Caves 08.
Cathedral Caves 07.
Cathedral Caves 06.
Cathedral Caves 05.
Cathedral Caves 04.
Cathedral Caves 03.
Cathedral Caves 02.
Cathedral Caves 01.
Baker Creek Trail in Great Basin National Park.
A Short Stop at the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge.