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Lava Tube, Snow and Shadows.
Gio Grande Bighorn.
Sunset at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.
Jumping the Fence.
Marmot Near Williams Lake.
Williams Lake below Wheeler Peak in Carson National Forest.
Tsankawi Petroglyphs 02.
Tsankawi Petroglyphs 01.
Los Alamos Area.
Rio Grande from Whiterock.
Ladders at Bandelier.
Bandelier Rock.
Sunset in the San Mateo Mountains.
La Ventana Natural Arch.
El Malpais Cliffrose.
Hedgehog on Lava.
Lizard and Lava.
Prickly Pear in El Malpais 02.
Prickly Pear in El Malpais 01.
El Morro National Monument Petroglyphs.
Full text of the European inscription top right above older petroglyphs: We passed by here, the Captain-Sergeant-Major Juan de Arechleta and the Adjutant Diego Martin Barba and the Lieutenant Agustin de Ynojos, year of 1636
Lava near the Lava Falls Trail in El Malpais.
Alison and Sleeping Bag.
Lava Tube.
Camping in El Malpais.
Prickly Pear Flower on the El Malpais Lava Falls Trail.
Lava Fields.
Dittert Site.
Pottery in the Armijo Canyon Area.
Lava with Snow in the Background.
Charles and Sleeping Bag in El Malpais.
Sunset at Sandstone Bluffs in El Malpais.
Menacing Cows in El Malpais.
CDT near the Chain of Craters Backcountry Byway.
Campsite in the Organ Mountains.
White Sands.
Tracks in the Sand.
Small Drainage.
Hiking below the Cliff Dwellings.
Gila River.
Gila Cliff Dwellings.
Cliff Dwellings from the Canyon.
Camping in the Organ Mountains.
Alison in White Sands.
Alison Hiking in White Sands.
Organ Mountains New Mexico.
North of Grants and San Mateo.
Bisti Cracked Eggs 1.
Bisti Cracked Eggs 2.
Bisti Cracked Eggs 3.
Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah WSA 01.
Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah WSA 02.
Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah WSA 03.
Alison descending into the Badlands.
Alison in Pueblo Creek.
A Man in a Hat making an Offering to the Strange Beasts.
A Quick Touch of the Rio Grande at the County Line.
Bear Wallow Mountain in the distance.
Brushy Mountain from Point 7201 off C013 in NM .
Pueblo Bonita Doors.
D Shaped Pueblo Bonito.
Milkweed along the Rio Grande.
Pueblo Bonita Wall.
Pueblo Bonito Wall.
Pueblo Bonito Window.
Pueblo del Arroyo.
Solstice Sunset from just outside the West Wall of Pueblo Bonito.
Sun at Pueblo del Arroyo.
The trail to Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah.
VLA from the Datil Well Recreation Area.
Pueblo Bonita Windows.
WS Mountain Trail in the Blue Range.
On the Drive from Taos to Mesa Verde.