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Reflections on the Beach.
Looking towards the Sixes River and Blacklock Point.
Orange Sky.
Pelican in the Sixes River.
Photographing the Sunset.
Port Orford from a viewpoint on Humbug Mountain.
Sun and Goose.
Sunset from Cape Sebastian.
Airport - Creswell Bakery - quick break at the Umpqua River and on to the coast!
Velella Velella.
Watching the Waves.
Waves and Sun at the End of the Day.
Alison Crossing Rough and Ready Creek.
Forest Sun.
Trail to Humbug Mountain.
Near the start of the hike up Humbug Mountain.
Messages in the Sand.
Haystack Rock.
Looking South along Canon Beach.
Looking North along Canon Beach.
Otter prints.
Alison on the Cape Trail.
Charles and Alison on the Cape Trail.
Birds Diving.
End of the Cape Trail.
Headed back.
Looking towards Netarts Bay.
Lincoln City.
Alison on the Beach near Lincoln City.
Vacation - Day 4.
Beach near Devils Punchbowl.
Harbor Seals.
Yaquina Head Lighthouse.
Sea Star and Reflection.
Sea Star at Yaquina Head.
Rocky Beach.
Hiking towards Blacklock Point.
Howells Mariposa Lily.
Cape Sebastain Sandpipers 05.
Cape Sebastain Sandpipers 06.
Cape Sebastain Sandpipers 07.
Cape Sebastain Sandpipers 08.
Cape Sebastain Sandpipers 09.
Signs - turn off - and sure enough there were elk!
With Bandon as our starting point we found a room at the Sea Star Guest House and got to the beach to enjoy the sunset!
This trail was literally covered in flowers!
Gulls at the mouth of the Sixes River looking towards Blacklock Point.
Hiking Down to the Sixes River.
Humbug Mountain from Port Orford Heads State Park.
Humbug Mountain Marker.
Hunters Island.
Iris in Port Orford Heads State Park.
Just after Sunset.
Looking North from Cape Sebastian.
Seals near the mouth of the Sixes River.
On the Coast Trail heading to Secret Beach.
Rough and Ready Rocks 1.
Alison pointing to our turn around point.
A self portrait at our first view of the Ocean.
Green and Wet.
More Mud.
Muddy Trail and Clouds.
Starting the day in Astoria.
Rough and Ready Rocks 2.
Sitting by the Smith River.
Sunset on the Coast Trail.
Alison on the Beach in Bandon.
A Tunnel of Pines.
Bare Tree near the Shore.
Cape Blanco Lighthouse.
Cape Blanco State Park Beach.
Cape Sebastain Sandpipers 01.
Cape Sebastain Sandpipers 02.
Cape Sebastain Sandpipers 03.
Cape Sebastain Sandpipers 04.
Bugs under the Arch.
Enjoying the Arches near Thunder Rock.
Frog on the bank of Rough and Ready Creek.
Hiking towards Indian Sands.
Indian Sands.
Looking down on the Beach.
Flowers and Castle Rock.
Crab Shell.
Leopard Nudibranch.
Giant Sea Anemone.
Alison at Cobble Beach.
Sea Lions in Newport.
Starting the Discovery Trail in Cape Perpetua.
Alison on the Cooks Ridge Trail.
Alison on the Gwynn Creek Trail.
Coast near the Cape Perpetua Vistor's Center.
Sea Urchin.
Sea Urchins.
Alison on the rocks below the Captain Cook Trail.
In the sun.
Charles and Alison.
Heceta Head Lighthouse Covered for Restoration.
Today's First Trail.
Watching Barn Swallows.
Beach at the end of the Waxmrytle Trail.
Seal in the Surf.
Hunting the Shore.
Alison on the Waxmrytle Trail.
Threemile Lake Trail.
A glimpse of the Beach from the Threemile Lake Trail.
Above Threemile Lake.
Dune Trail Markers.
Beach between the Threemile Lake and Tahkenitch Dunes Trail.
From the Beach to the Tahkenitch Dunes Trail.
Alison on the Tahkenitch Dunes Trail.
Tahkenich Dunes Trail.
Tahkenich Dunes.
Pattern on the Dunes.
Starting our hike to Blacklock Point.
Flowers along the trail.
Old roadway filled with water, Alison on the bypass trail.
Tree tunnel opening onto the bluffs.
Old rails from the Sandstone Mine.
Great Cliffs above the beach, from near the waterfall.
View from near the Waterfall.
Flower near an old campsite.
Great trail to the point.
Headed down to the beach.
Alison in the Grass.
On the beach south of Blacklock Point.
Beach - Looking norh towards Blacklock Point.
Beach - Looking South towards Cape Blanco.
Working thru the rocks.
Cliffside flowers.
Coming back up from the rocks.
Hedged in trail.
Tillamook Rock Lighthouse 2.
Tillamook Rock Lighthouse.
First glimpse of Tillamook Rock Lighthouse.