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Picacho Peak and Mountains.
Wasson Peak.
With Alison on the River Path, Lesser Nighthawks and Bats in the sky, watching lizards, lights from Brandi Fenton, Panther and Sombrero Peaks - even on an urban path with the noise of cars in the background and power poles splitting the it is amazing.
Mount Lemmon in the distance from El Cerrito de Represso.
Steep section of Trail to the top of Sombrero Peak.
Panther Peak and Safford (Sombrero) Peak from Wasson Peak.
Descending from Panther Peak.
Santa Catalina Mountains from Panther Peak.
Sombrero Peak from Panther Peak.
Tortolita Mountains.
Twin Peaks.
Panther and Sombrero from Wasson Peak.
Panther and Sombrero.
Sunset from the Waterman Mountains.
Panther Peak Group Shot 02.
Panther Peak Group Shot 01.
On Panther Peak.
Descending from Panther Peak.