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A glimpse of Picacho Peak.
Picacho and Newman from the Pan Quemado Hills in Ironwood Forest National Monument.
A View of Picacho and Newman from Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Picacho and Avra Valley Airport.
I-10 and Picacho.
Alison starting the hike down from the Sombrero.
A Saguaro filled landscape below with Newman Peak (light) and Picacho Peak (dark) in the distance.
Newman Peak and Picacho Peak from the Waterman Mountains.
Storm over Picacho from Veterans Trail North.
Picacho Peak and Mountains.
Climbing up the Cables.
View from the top.
Shadow of the Peak.
Alison coming up to the summit of Picacho Peak.
Looking Towards Newman Peak from Dos Titos.
Looking at Picacho Peak and Picacho Mountains from the Coch.
Malpais Hill from Point 2186.
Trincheras 02.
Pichacho Peak.
From the Summit of Picacho Peak.