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Top of Time Zone Wall.
Dana on Time Zone Wall.
Camping at Yavapai Campground.
Ken Climbing at the Watson Lake Dells.
Brad starting the Guillotine at the Dells.
Brad Climbing in the Watson Lake Dells.
Brad Climbing at the Dells.
A Boulder in the Sun off the Granite Mountain Trail.
Alison on the Granite Mountain Trail.
Enjoying the Wind and the View from Granite Mountain.
Granite Mountain from the Granite Mountain Trail.
High on the Granite Mountain Trail.
Looking over Prescott from Thumb Butte.
Thumb Butte.
Thumb Butte After Sunset 01.
Thumb Butte After Sunset 02.
The blue hashed area in the center left is the approximate area of the 16k acre (26 square mile) Arizona State Trust Land Sale for the expansion of the Bagdad Mine. Prescott in center right for size reference.