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Yankee Doodle Chris on the First Rap.
Coming Down Hanging Gardens.
Rappelling in Pine Creek.
Rappel into Mystery Spring.
Mystery Canyon Spring.
Last Rappel in Pine Creek.
Dana Rappelling in Pine Creek.
Alison Above Chlorox.
Rappeling off a jammed log in Englestead.
The top of Cat in the Hat.
Second Rap on Geronimo.
Getting set to come down.
Birch Hollow.
Rappelling In Birch Hollow.
Spry Canyon Hanging Rappel.
Lara Headed into the Spry Canyon Narrows.
Heading into the final section of Spry Canyon.
First Rappel into Spry Canyon.
Dana on Rappel in Spry Canyon.
View of the Sky from Birch Hollow.
Alison starting the Second Rappel.
Yankee Doodle Ken on the First Rap.
Yankee Doodle Human Anchor.
Yankee Doodle First Rap.
Yankee Doodle Final Pothole.
Yankee Doodle Above a small drop.
Boltergeist Rap.
Boltergeist First Rap.
Behunin First Rap.
Behunin ADT Starting the Next to Last Rap.
Lara on the First Rappel in Englestead.
Charles on the First Englestead Rappel.
Charles at the Mid Wall Station.
Alison on the Second Rappel in Englestead.
Charles Setting the First Behunin Rappel.
The Rappel.
Charles starting the last Rappel in Behunin Canyon.