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Sunset from Golden Gate Mountain.
Signal Hill Petroglyphs.
Picacho and Avra Valley Airport.
I-10 and Picacho.
Alison starting the hike down from the Sombrero.
Storm over Picacho from Veterans Trail North.
An amazing place to be...
Taking a break along the Hugh Norris Trail.
01 Fall Lara and Dana Gates Pass.
01 Fall West of Tucson.
Wasson Peak.
Alison in Panther Wash.
Alison Watching the Clouds over Wasson Peak and the Tucson.
Hiking down from the saddle below Panther Peak.
Looking West from Panther Peak.
Near the top of Panther Peak looking back at Sombrero Peak.
Panther Peak in the distance.
Start of Color in the Tucson Mountains.
Twin Peaks Quarry.
Night view from Wasson Peak.
Sunset on Veterans Trail in the Tucson Mountains.
Interesting Saguaro.
Desert Clicker.
Sunset on the Abington Trail in the Tucson Mountains.
Santa Catalina Mountains from the Veterans Trail in Saguaro National Park West.
Cholla on the Abington Trail.
On the Sweetwater Trail on a Summit Hut demo with Lowa Boot.
On the Trail with the Summit Hut.
Ridge coming down from Wasson Peak.
Running in the snowy Tucson Mountains.
Snowy Prickly Pear.
Snowy Sweetwater Trail.
Sombrero and Panther Peak.
Getting Started, Snowy Trail and Clouds.
Looking Towards Wasson in the Tucson Mountains.
Alison and Charles, King Canyon Trail, Tucson Mountains.
Richard Running down the Hugh Norris Trail.
Running up Wasson Peak with Richard.
Snow falling in the Tucson Mountains.
Following a faint trail across the desert.
Balloon Trash off of Picture Rocks Road.
Safford Peak.
Weather moving in.
Heading down from Wasson Peak.
Wasson Peak.
Gavin in the Sun.
Gavin on Wasson Peak.
Golden Gate Mountain.
Panther and Sombrero from Wasson Peak.
Sunset Clouds.
Wasson Peak Shadow stretching towards the Santa Catalina Mountains.
A Mountain Fireworks.
City Lights and Picture Rocks Road.
Enjoying the 4th of July on Wasson Peak.
Fireworks from Wasson Peak.
Moonlight from Wasson Peak.
Start of the Fireworks.
Wasson Ghosts 1.
Wasson Ghosts 2.
Moonlight on the desert floor from Wasson Peak.
Moon Over Tucson 01.
Moon Over Tucson 02.
Pontatoc Ridge from Safford Peak.
A shooting star fell while we were taking this picture - faint in the picture (not really set up to catch it on camera) but amazingly long and bright in person - an amazing moment/memory!
Tucson and the Santa Catalina Mountains.
Panther and Sombrero.
Sunset from the Waterman Mountains.