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Photos from Agua Dulce Road in Ironwood Forest National Monument with some information on Lord's Ranch.
Blooming Ironwoods, Saguaro Flowers and Petroglyphs in Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Page 2 from Saguaro National Monument, Arizona - Natural History Handbook Series No. 4.
Cover Page from Friends of Ironwood Forest Newsletter - Spring 2013.
Cover Page from Saguaro National Monument, Arizona - Natural History Handbook Series No. 4.
The Friends of Ironwood Forest Spring 2013 Newsletter including The Saguaro, Sonoran Desert Icon: Its Status and Outlook by Bill Thornton and A Flood of Memories on an Arid Homestead about the Lord's Ranch.
A Saguaro filled landscape below with Newman Peak (light) and Picacho Peak (dark) in the distance.
Sun and Saguaro below Ragged Top.
Ragged Top from the slopes of Malpais Hill.
The Silver Bell Mine is visible on the right side of the photo.
Smoke over the Tucson Valley.
Bighorn Sheep in the Samaniego Hills.
Interesting Saguaro.
Snowy Prickly Pear.
Agua Caliente Hill.
Saguaro Fruit near Silver Bell Road.
Silverbell Saguaros Oddities 04.
Silverbell Saguaros Oddities 02.
Open Saguaro Fruit.
View From Pink Hill.
Saguaros and Mountains in the Distance.
Silverbell Saguaros Oddities 01.
Silverbell Saguaros Oddities 03.
Ironwood Saguaro Cholla and Creosote.
Reaching Arms.
Saguaro Flowers.
Saguaro in Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Blooming Ironwood and Saguaro 02.
A Saguaro Flower near the Linda Vista Trails earlier in the month!
Saguaro Flower near the Linda Vista Trail.
Fallen Saguaro.
Saguaros 02.
Sombrero Peak from Panther Peak.
Milky Way and Fireflies from Garwood Dam.
Saguaro National Park Sunset.
Sun over the Tucson Mountains.
Last Light below the Cat Mountain Ridge.
Nice view - looks like I bumped the car (I had just set the camera on the hood) during this shot, but I liked it too much to delete it!
Close to Sunset near Gates Pass.
Saguaro into the Sky.
Dos Titos from Agua Dulce Road.
Looking over Whillock Ranch Land towards Wasson Peak.
Blooming Ironwood in the Samaniego Hills.
Blooming Ironwood and Saguaro.