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Near the Little Horse Trail.
Clouds Hiding the Moon from Cathedral Rock.
Alison at the end of the Cathedral Peak Hike.
2000 Summer AB Young Trail in Sedona.
2000 Summer Sedona.
Palakti Cross Pictograph.
One of the rooms in this section was pointed out by the guide as a rectangular (Western Pueblo) Kiva - it immediately made me think about the Davis Ranch Kiva on the San Pedro...
Palakti Possible Clan Symbols.
There were an interesting variety of petroglyphs and pictographs in the grotto area.
The long 'tails' were not a design I remember seeing before...
Starting the Fay Canyon Trail.
Looking back.
Hiking the Canyon Bottom.
Cloudy Day on the Bear Mountain Trail.
On Devil's Bridge.
Made in the Shade.
View from the Oak Creek Overlook on 89A.
Hiking into the Sun.
On the Soldier Pass Trail.
Sun from the Cibola Pass Trail.
Alison in Long Canyon.
Alison on Doe Mountain.
Enjoying Devils Bridge at Night.
Headlamp Trails across Devils Bridge.
Under Devils Bridge with the Moon Behind.
Alison near the end of the Cathedral Rock Trail.
Alison Working Up the Cathedral Rock Trail.
Baldwin Trail headed for Cathedral Rock.
Ledge near Cathedral Saddle.
Lizard on the Cathedral Rock Trail.
The Templeton Trail Along Oak Creek.
View from Cathedral Saddle.
Alison on the Jim Bryant Trail.
Arizona 179 into Sedona from Cathedral Rock.
Bear Mountain Sunset 01.
Bear Mountain Sunset 02.
Bear Mountain Sunset 03.
Bear Mountain Trail.
Bear Mountain Trail 02.
Cathedral Rock in the Moonlight.
Cathedral Rock Shadow.
Cathedral Rock Silhouette 01.
Cathedral Rock Silhouette 02.
Javelina in Long Canyon.
Last Shot of the Night on Cathedral Rock.
Long Canyon Sunset 01.
Long Canyon Sunset 02.
Long Canyon Sunset 03.
Looking Down Canyon from the Jim Bryant Trail 01.
Looking Down Canyon from the Jim Bryant Trail 02.
Moon From the Bear Mountain Trail.
Moonrise from Cathedral Rock.
Moonrise from the Bear Mountain Trail.
Sandstone and Clouds from the Jim Bryant Trail.
Sedona in Moonlight from Cathedral Rock 01.
Sedona in Moonlight from Cathedral Rock 02.
Sunrise Together on Bear Mountain.
Sunset from Cathedral Rock 01.
Sunset from Cathedral Rock 02.
The Nuns.
Cathedral Rock.
Dana in Fay Canyon.
J for Jerome.
Looking down from Bear Mountain.
Near the Summit of Bear Mountain.
San Francisco Peaks from Bear Mountain.
Sedona fromDoe Mountain.
Storm over Sedona from Cathedral Rock.
View from the Jim Bryant Trail.
Bell Rock.
Chapel of the Holy Cross from Below Bell Rock.
Courthouse Butte.
Loy Canyon Trail.