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Photographer and Heart Arch in the Alabama Hills.
Waterman Mountains Cloud Shadow.
Barrell Cactus Shadow.
A Skyline in the Waterman Mountains.
Last of the sun on Emigrant Canyon Road.
Snow on the Rim.
Lava Tube, Snow and Shadows.
Sunlight thru the notch between Mescalero Point and Diana Temple.
Sunlight thru the gap between Diana Temple and Mescalero Point.
Diana Temple Shadow from Mescalero Point.
Diana Temple Moon Shadow.
Confucius and Mencius Temples and Shadow.
Cedar Mountain Shadow stretching towards the Little Colorado River and Black Knob.
Cedar Mountain Shadow Crossing the Little Colorado River.
The Shadow of Devils Tower.
Wasson Peak Shadow stretching towards the Santa Catalina Mountains.
Cathedral Rock Shadow.
Sunset from Cathedral Rock 01.
Long Shadows.
Comanche Point Shadow 02.
Comanche Point Shadow 01.