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Desolation Wilderness.
Clouds and Hints of Snow on the Rim Trail.
Clouds covering Charouleau Gap.
Clouds in the Grand Canyon.
Elk and Snow.
The snow had only started about an hour earlier and kept away some of the usual visitors.
A peak at the Colorado thru the clouds.
Cedar Breaks Storm 01.
Cedar Breaks Storm 02.
Shoshone Point in the Clouds.
Snow on Shoshone Point.
Snow on the road to Shoshone Point.
Snow covered the nearly empty parking lot and as I stood in this spot taking pictures the tower nearly disappeared from view!
Storm from Oracle Road.
Swirling Clouds.
Storm from Mojave Point.
Zoroaster Angels Gate and Brahma Temple.
Alison on Strawberry Point.
Looking down on the Bright Angel Trail.
Mather Point Empty and Grey.
Penstemon in the Snow 01.
Penstemon in the Snow 02.
Lightning from the Stairwell.
Start of the Season.
Snow Storm at the West Baldy Trailhead.
Storm and Light.
The Weather Moves in.
Storm Watching at the Gabe Zimmerman Trailhead.
Tucson Lightning 01.
Tucson Lightning 02.
Tucson Lightning 03.
Tucson Lightning 04.
From the Lookout Studio Terrace.
Clouds around the South Rim.
Clouds covering the Grand Canyon from Powell Point.