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Ironwood and Ragged Top.
End of the Day on West Clear Creek.
Sun Setting behind Oracle Ridge with Smoke from the Bighorn Fire.
Sun thru the Cottonwoods.
Cactus and Sun.
Flowing water beside Douglas Spring Campground
Sunset over Rice Peak with Smoke from the Bighorn Fire.
Comanche Point Sunset.
Sunset with Bighorn Fire Smoke.
Waves and Sun at the End of the Day.
Sun at Pueblo del Arroyo.
Watching a California Condor from the Historic Navajo Bridge.
Watching the sky near the old Kilns in Lime Kiln State Park on San Juan Island.
Sun on the Tonto Trail.
Cliffs below Comanche Point with the Colorado River below.
Looking West from Malpais Hill with Gu Achi Peak on the Left.
Sun and Saguaro below Ragged Top.
Sunset from the slopes of Malpais Hill.
Sun from the Cibola Pass Trail.
Forest Sun.
Clear Sunset.
Del Norte Coast Redwoods.
Looking over the San Pedro River into Smoke from the Bighorn Fire.
Pueblo Bonita Windows.
Sun and Goose.
Ironwood 02.
Patterns in the sky.
Sun and Cholla.