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Looking Up Canyon from Mescalero Point.
Looking towards Sunrise from near Walapai Point.
Hazy Sunrise near Walapai Point.
Sunrise on Mescalero Point Looking Towards Castor and Pollux Temples.
Sunrise near Walapai Point.
Sunrise Light streaming over Confucius and Mencius Temples.
Standing on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon near Mecalero Point.
Rocky Ridge.
Mescalero Point Sunrise.
Yuma Point Shadow at Sunrise.
Sunset Light on Whites Butte from Yuma Point.
Sunset Light in the Grand Canyon from Yuma Point.
Sunrise from Yuma Point 02.
Sunrise from Yuma Point 01.
Shiva and Isis.
Sunrise in the Grand Canyon.
Sunrise Light on a Grand Canyon Plateau.
Sunset near Hopi Point.
Grand Canyon Sunrise near Yavapai Point.
Sunrise on Shiva, Isis and Cheops.
Camped near Mescalero Point.
Sunrise at the San Tan Scramble.
Early Start in Mesquite Canyon.
Getting ready to drive to the start of the Mesquite Canyon Trail Run.
Headed out to Knoxville.
Sunrise on a Snowing Mount Lemmon.
Volunteering with Alison, Kathy and Amanda at the Arizona Trail Vail Half Marathon and 10k
Snow on the Santa Catalina Mountains.
Sunrise on Comanche Point.